Industriaalvara PLC
Raatuse 20, Tartu 51009
About the company
  • Industriaalvara PLC was established with the goal of investing into commercial real estate.
  • Industriaalvara PLC does not position itself solely as a business investor or developer. First and foremost, we would like to offer integral solutions.
  • We do not mediate or speculate with real estate! The goal is to participate in long-term cooperation projects, based on the WIN-WIN principle.
  • We carry out projects in cooperation with partner enterprises that include specialists of various fields.

Our contacts:

Mart Mägi (Member of the Board) - Phone +372 509 4925,   Fax +372 730 9393

Mart Mägi

Madis Paluoja (Member of the Board) - Phone +372 505 1170,

Madis Paluoja 


Industriaalvara PLC (registry code 11285276)
Address: Raatuse 20 Tartu 51009
V.A.T. no. EE101078889
Account no. 221032540524